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Eva Kuhelj eva.kuhelj at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 22:03:26 EST 2008

Dear parents,

Our daughter just started to crawl. Consequently, I started wondering about=
 two things:

1. How to childproof=A0our apartment? =

Those how have already done this, can you perhaps recommend any good shop, =
website,=A0etc, where=A0we=A0could=A0buy all the necessary products and/or =
also get=A0useful tips.

2. How to make her crawling on our wooden floor=A0more pleasant and=A0safer=
. In this regard we were thinking to=A0cover the floor=A0with several=A0pla=
stic foam carpets that are=A0usually=A0used=A0in, e.g., aerobics classes.=
Does anybody know=A0where we could=A0buy them?=A0I would also appreciate a =
hint about any=A0other, perhaps better, solution. =

Many thanks in advance.
All the best,
Eva=A0 - mother of 6=A0months old Ana Marija=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 =


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