[Parentsgroup-list] BOB stroller for sale

Irene Newton irene.newton at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 14:58:15 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,
We have a 2006 BOB sports utility jogging stroller available for sale
(originally ~$400).  It's got an adjustable seat for baby, shock absorbers
(which are great on the bumpy roads), pockets in seat and adjustable sun
shield.  We used to live in Cambridge and this stroller allowed us to get
over all the bumps and missing bricks in the sidewalks without getting stuck
or waking our baby.  It was also nice to use it for runs out on the river.
 I see that they are going for ~$200 on Craigslist but we'll take the best
offer on this list first since so many nice handmedowns have come from this
community.  We also have the car seat attachment (purchased for $50) and the
weather cover (purchased for $40), if you're interested.

let us know!

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