[Parentsgroup-list] Four season kids/baby clothing swap

Jennifer Fehrmann jenniferfehrmann at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 18 09:52:56 EDT 2008

Hello everyone, 

My son is now 10 months old and is on the brink of outgrowing the multitude of clothes that people gave us/him and with the season change and back to school madness, before I go out and buy him a ton of brand new clothes, I was wondering if there would be any interest in an inter-group clothing swap? 

If there's interest, we would need someone to volunteer a space (maybe a driveway or yard?) in which to hold it. I'd offer mine, but live in an apartment and thus have neither driveway nor yard access. 

I'd be happy to organize incoming clothes and hang out for an afternoon to supervise the swap and then donate any leftovers when the day was over. 

General rules of other clothing swaps I've participated in:

1. Clothes must be in decent condition. (i.e. no major stains, all buttons and zippers functional, etc.)
2. You don't have to donate in order to take, but if everyone does this, no one gets anything, so be generous.
3. Everything must be freely donated. (i.e., no direct trades or selling allowed)
4. Clothes don't have to be seasonal, plan ahead for that mid-winter vacation in the Bahamas (we all wish) or that sudden mid-season growth spurt. 
5. Toys and gear are welcome, but have to be in good working order. Nothing larger than a pack n play please!

So, if there's anybody out there who would be willing to provide a space, I'll set a date and time and send it out. 


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