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Hello, all --

About a month ago, I wrote to the list asking about a program to  
encourage Harvard schools to install or improve lactation rooms by  
offering free hospital-grade pumps. I just received this response from  
Nela Suka, who let me know that her office is in the process of buying  
pumps for HLS, the MCB/OEB area, and the Center for Astrophysics. They  
are working on two additional locations, and if there is demonstrated  
need, they may be able to provide additional pumps to other parts of  
campus. If you have ideas, please let Nela know!


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> From: "SUKA, NELA" <nela_suka at harvard.edu>
> Date: April 23, 2008 12:44:13 PM EDT
> To: "Manners, Jane" <jmanners at law.harvard.edu>
> Subject: RE: incentives for pumping room?
> Dear Jane,
> Your message was forwarded to our office from the parents' list, and I
> wanted to let you know that we are in the process of setting up the
> pumping room at HLS with a hospital-grade pump! We hope to have it up
> and running within the next two months.
> For more information on lactation rooms across campus, you can visit
> http://harvie.harvard.edu/workandlife/children/lactation.shtml with  
> your
> Harvard ID, or http://childcare.harvard.edu/childcare/ 
> lactation.shtml if
> you don't have HARVie access.
> We will continue to post the locations of rooms on these two pages as
> more rooms become available - we *are* in the process of setting up a
> room (with a pump) in the MCB/OEB area, as well.
> We are also looking for more partners across the university who are
> willing to offer a dedicated space to a pumping/lactation room in
> underserved areas. In exchange, we would provide the partner with a
> hospital-grade pump (which retail for about $800-$900).
> ***Currently, in addition to the pumps we're putting into place at the
> Center for Astrophysics (at Linnean & Garden Streets), HLS, and in the
> MCB/OEB area, we are working on two additional locations. If there  
> is a
> demonstrated need, we may be able to cover other areas, as well.
> If you feel so inclined, please feel free to post this to the parents'
> list.
> Best wishes, and thanks for your email,
> Nela
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> Hello, all --
> I'm a new mother and student at HLS, and I just learned that HLS will
> be renovating its pumping room. I recall that there was some
> discussion on this list several months ago about a university-wide
> incentive for Harvard schools that establish or improve nursing rooms
> -- perhaps something about donation of a hospital-grade pump? If  
> anyone knows anything about this, please let me know, so that I can
> let the HLS administrators know who to lobby!
> Thanks,
> Jane
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