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Melissa Inouye inouye at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 3 16:31:03 EDT 2008

I was told when I had my baby that although the department's clock  
would stop, the official registrar's clock would not and it is THIS  
clock (the official registrar's clock) that determines grants and  
teaching fellowships.  When I had my baby I asked if it would be  
possible for me to "reserve" my teaching fellowships in the G3 and G4  
years for a year or so later, and my department (and the registrar's  
office) said NO.  Because of my husband's schooling, I was not in  
Cambridge for the G3 and G4 years, so I just had to forfeit those  
teaching fellowships for those years.

On Apr 3, 2008, at 9:51 AM, Bracha, Abigail Land wrote:
> Hi,
> I am on the Graduate Student Council and have been working on the  
> issue of parental accommodation. I just wanted to get the word out  
> that it is GSAS policy that students who have a child receive an  
> automatic G-clock extension. This is done by the department. The  
> registrar's clock will continue to tick, but your department clock  
> is supposed to stop, making you eligible for grants, teaching etc.  
> This is current policy and we need to make sure that it is being  
> implemented.
> Abby
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> Hi,
> My sister-in-law would like to come for two or three months as "Au  
> pair" in
> Cambridge or the area during the fall, between october and  
> december. She's 24
> and will graduate from a school of communication in Paris. She  
> could take care
> of the kid(s) during the week, and would need to be accomodated.  
> She has a lot
> of experience with kids, and is really nice and easygoing. If you are
> interested or if you know somebody that could be, don't hesitate to  
> contact me.
> Best
> Nicolas (617 888 23 05)
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