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thanks for the tip - I did some reading, and now I'm just irked.

I'm not surprised that a test-administering board knows nothing about
breastfeeding. (One 45 minute break per 4.5? hrs for a woman nursing a 4 mo.
baby? Ouch. Just thinking about it makes my ducts ache. And apparently she's
prone to mastitis. Oy.) I'm pretty disappointed that the judge doesn't know
enough about it to make a reasonable ruling, though. Yeesh.

And yes, there's lots of folks getting hung up on the ADHD/dyslexia. I agree
with you - they are missing the point.

What's really fascinating is the response from her fellow medical students.
The vocal ones are fiarly awful about it (with perhaps an exception or two).
Maybe we should just hope that the awful ones never go into pediatrics...


On 9/21/07, Judith Scott-Clayton <Judith_Scott-Clayton at ksgphd.harvard.edu>
> I saw on CNN yesterday or the day before that the judge has denied her
> request.  They didn't provide too many details, but I guess basically the
> judge said something to the effect that other nursing moms have found a w=
> to deal with it and that she can just take the test after she's done nurs=
> (part of her argument, though, is that she needs to pass the test in order
> to accept a fellowship starting this fall).
> Maybe I shouldn't be shocked, but I am.  Whether or not organizations are
> legally required to offer accommodations, I just can't understand why they
> wouldn't WANT to make these accommodations voluntarily.  It just seems li=
> common sense.
> A link to a news article is here:
> http://news.aol.com/story/_a/mom-loses-bid-for-breast-pump-breaks/2007092=
> If you haven't followed the story I would recommend finding another
> article for the background - this one leaves a lot of key details out (li=
> the fact that the test is 9 hours long for two days in a row).
> I think many people are reacting to some of the specifics of this case
> (the fact that Sophie had already taken the test once, and that she is
> receiving other accommodations), but I personally don't see how these fac=
> are relevant to the basic question of whether accommodations should be ma=
> for breastfeeding moms.  I know that if I had to go a full day with only =
> opportunity to pump, that would be pretty disruptive.  Two days in a row
> would be even worse.  Not saying it would be impossible, but I think we c=
> aim higher than that, especially if as a society we are trying to encoura=
> women to breastfeed, while also encouraging women to enter underrepresent=
> fields.
> - Judy
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> Anyone know what's going on with this MD/PhD student who is suing to be
> allowed to pump breastmilk during her board exams?
> -Ziva
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