[Parentsgroup-list] Breastfeeding in public (warning - offensivecontent)

diana ramirez ramirez at fas.harvard.edu
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In my department (architecture) one of the program administrators was so
kind as to figure out a way to assign a room close to our student offices
for nursing and/or pumping (at that point, one student was pumping and I was
pregnant). This is probably a huge feat to accomplish in any department, but
citing this precedent could be one way to get other departments to start
considering the option.

(mom of Elena, 7 months, and Maria, 5)


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speaking of which, I ran into a new graduate student in the Divinity 
School yesterday. She mentioned that a mom (also a new grad student) had 
asked administrators at the Divinity School if there was a room she could 
use to pump. Apparently, they directed her to the ONE room on campus in 
Holyoke center (a good 15 min+ walk) or alternatively, made her a generous 
offer of any of the school's bathrooms!! It's absolutely outrageous. I've 
directed her to this list in case anyone has a solution.

On Fri, 14 Sep 2007, Joy Geren wrote:

> I thought this was a well put commentary on nursing in public-
> -Joy
> (Mom of Toby, 2 years old and still nursing)
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