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I recently posed this same question to the Dean of Students at the Ed School. 
The Ed School has a lactation room. You need a key. Don't know if they would 
give a key to a non-Ed School person. The room is in Longfellow Hall on Appian 
Way. I also inquired about the law school since I like to work over there. 
They have a lactation room off of the staff lounge in Areeda Hall. It's a 
separate room in the women's bathroom. There's a code lock on the door but I just 
asked one of the staff assistants in an office nearby and she gave it to me.

I also inquired about policies on breastfeeding on campus, in case my 
caregiver could bring the baby to me. Neither the Ed School nor Law School have 
policies one way or the other. 

Hope this helps.


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> speaking of which, I ran into a new graduate student in the Divinity
> School yesterday. She mentioned that a mom (also a new grad student) had
> asked administrators at the Divinity School if there was a room she could
> use to pump. Apparently, they directed her to the ONE room on campus in
> Holyoke center (a good 15 min+ walk) or alternatively, made her a generous
> offer of any of the school's bathrooms!! It's absolutely outrageous. I've
> directed her to this list in case anyone has a solution.
> On Fri, 14 Sep 2007, Joy Geren wrote:
> > I thought this was a well put commentary on nursing in public-
> > 
> http://mamamojo.wordpress.com/2007/09/12/breastfeeding-in-public-warning-offensive-content/
> >
> >
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