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If you are interested in Montessori, Cambridge now has a public Montessori
elementary school.  This is the first year for the school, so I don't know
anything about it yet.

Many (most?) Boston-area public school systems, including Cambridge, use a
lottery to determine who can attend which school.  You can make your 1st, 2nd
or 3rd choices, but you are not guaranteed a spot at your #1 school.

Many schools start their tours/info sessions in November, so it's a good idea to
start looking into that.  There are also Yahoo groups (emial lists like this
one) for various Boston public schools--I bet they exist for Cambridge and
Somerville too.  You can search the 'groups' at Yahoo.com, or ask around.

More info--if you are looking at private schools, know that there are often a
few scholarship spots, so they may be worth applying for even if you can't
afford it.  Those deadlines are usually in February I think, but check with
each school.  (The Advent School in Beacon Hill, for instance, is supposed to
be a great place with Reggio Emilia-style classes for the very little ones--and
they do have some scholarship money.  They'd better, since it costs about
$16,000 a year...)

If you are into promoting peace and social justice, you might look into the
Friends School in Cambridge--a private Quaker school.  There are also several
private Montessori schools in the area, and if you want the real hippie
experience there is a Waldorf school in Lexington.

Good luck!

Quoting Patricia Malone <patriciamma at comcast.net>:

> Dear Ayfer,
> My daughter is five, and she starts her kindergarten year at the Brown
> School, in the Somerville public school system, tomorrow. I have heard
> good things about Brown, and we are looking forward to this year. I
> know that other families on the list (as well as faculty in my
> department) have children enrolled in the Brown School.
> I did want to alert you to the *wonderful* public preschool program in
> Somerville. It is at the Capuano school (near Union Square) The entire
> school - a fairly new facility -  is devoted to preschool and
> kindergarten-age children. I was a little nervous about the program
> when we enrolled last year - it is public, and free for Somerville
> children who are over the age of 4, - but I cannot say enough about the
> wonderful experience we had there. My daughter made leaps and bounds
> socially, and she learned to read. There were interesting field trips,
> special programs, and opportunities for enrichment learning - she
> really enjoyed herself.
> It looks as though Capuano is having an open house on September 26th,
> so that might be a good opportunity to find out more about it, if you
> are interested. Here is the website, with links and contact information
> for other schools in the Somerville system:
> http://www.somerville.k12.ma.us/education/school/school.php?
> sectionid=85.
> I wish your family luck. If you have questions about our particular
> experience at Capuano or Brown, please feel free to contact me. I would
> be happy to answer questions or simply chat about your concerns.
> All the best,
> Patricia Malone
> Celtic Languages and Literatures
> On Sep 9, 2007, at 5:27 PM, Ayfer Karakaya Stump wrote:
> > Dear Group Members,
> >
> > My daughter has just started preschool two, and I have been reminded
> > by fellow parents that we already need to start our search for a
> > kindergarten. Being an international student, I have very little
> > knowledge as to how everything works in this country. So I would
> > appreciate any pointers as to 1) where to start to search for
> > different kindergarten options 2) specific school (and other)
> > recommendations both public and private.
> >
> > BTW, we currently live in Somerville, but might possibly consider
> > moving to a another neighborhood with better public schools if it
> > looks necessary and affordable.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > ayfer
> > History/Middle Eastern Studies
> >
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