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Patricia Malone patriciamma at comcast.net
Sun Sep 9 18:25:11 EDT 2007

Dear Ayfer,
My daughter is five, and she starts her kindergarten year at the Brown  
School, in the Somerville public school system, tomorrow. I have heard  
good things about Brown, and we are looking forward to this year. I  
know that other families on the list (as well as faculty in my  
department) have children enrolled in the Brown School.

I did want to alert you to the *wonderful* public preschool program in  
Somerville. It is at the Capuano school (near Union Square) The entire  
school - a fairly new facility -  is devoted to preschool and  
kindergarten-age children. I was a little nervous about the program  
when we enrolled last year - it is public, and free for Somerville  
children who are over the age of 4, - but I cannot say enough about the  
wonderful experience we had there. My daughter made leaps and bounds  
socially, and she learned to read. There were interesting field trips,  
special programs, and opportunities for enrichment learning - she  
really enjoyed herself.

It looks as though Capuano is having an open house on September 26th,  
so that might be a good opportunity to find out more about it, if you  
are interested. Here is the website, with links and contact information  
for other schools in the Somerville system:  

I wish your family luck. If you have questions about our particular  
experience at Capuano or Brown, please feel free to contact me. I would  
be happy to answer questions or simply chat about your concerns.

All the best,
Patricia Malone
Celtic Languages and Literatures

On Sep 9, 2007, at 5:27 PM, Ayfer Karakaya Stump wrote:

> Dear Group Members,
> My daughter has just started preschool two, and I have been reminded  
> by fellow parents that we already need to start our search for a  
> kindergarten. Being an international student, I have very little  
> knowledge as to how everything works in this country. So I would  
> appreciate any pointers as to 1) where to start to search for  
> different kindergarten options 2) specific school (and other)  
> recommendations both public and private.
> BTW, we currently live in Somerville, but might possibly consider  
> moving to a another neighborhood with better public schools if it  
> looks necessary and affordable.
> Thanks in advance,
> ayfer
> History/Middle Eastern Studies
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