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Hi all,
We took and enjoyed these classes with Elizabeth (Liz)- she added a
ton of great props and information to the normal Bradley ciriculum. If
you want and have the time for a long format class like this, it
really is informative- especially if you, or your partner, is not
doing research on your own about pregnancy, labor, and delivery- the
class is focused very much on FATHER COACHED childbirth- and getting
the father involved. If you would like to hear more about our/my
experiences with her and the class, feel free to email me- or contact
her directly.

From: Elizabeth Hammond <valkirisong at ...>
It's time to start talking babies!

The Bradley Method TM of Natural Childbirth is a simple way of
increasing self-awareness and preparing moms and their partners to
embrace and successfully navigate birth. The Bradley Method TM
classes teach and endorse the following ideas: natural childbirth,
active participation by the father as a coach, excellent nutrition,
avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding unless
absolutely necessary, 12 weekly classes starting in the 5th or 6th
month of pregnancy and continuing until birth, relaxation and natural
breathing, working with your body, immediate and continuous contact
with your new baby, breastfeeding, medical consumerism and positive
communications, parental responsibility for the birthplace and
birthteam, preparedness for unexpected situations such as emergency
childbirth and cesarean.

The next class will be taught on Thursday nights starting September
20th and continuing for 12 weeks until mid December. Class sessions
will be from 6-8 or from 7-9, whichever will best accommodate
participants, and will be held in the King Open Elementary School on
Cambridge Street (not to be confused with the Martin Luther King
Elementary School). Classes will cost $250 for students, $350 for
non-student couples and will include a workbook and many handouts.

Please email liz at birthteam.com with any questions and to register for
the class!

Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend the first class without
any obligation, just to see what it's all about!

For more information, check out www.bradleybirth.com

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