[Parentsgroup-list] open house at Harvard Yard Child Care Center this Sat

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 30 13:20:44 EDT 2007

This is where my son goes to preschool and he really likes it.  (I do too)
You are eligible for a scholarship through the Harvard work-life office if you
send your child here.  Depending on various things, like how many people apply,
the scholarships can be worth more than $5000 (A couple of people got $8000+)

Harvard Yard also offers financial aid themselves.

their web site: http://www.hyccc.org/

This Saturday morning, from 10am to Noon, the center is holding its annual Open
House for prospective parents.  This is a fun time for the whole family -
children are not just welcome, they're requested.  They will be able to play in
the rooms where teachers will have activities set up, as well as in the gym and
outside (if it's nice).


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