[Parentsgroup-list] Dear parents, I need your help and support

Elizaveta S. Leshchiner (Trukhanova) eleshch at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 29 13:59:59 EDT 2007

Dear Harvard parents,

I m' sorry for bothering all of you, but I desperately need an advice and help.

I'm first year grad student in GSAS (chemistry) and I came here with my husband
and son who is 10 month old now. After I started studying here I found that I'm
expecting again and the due date is around the beginning of May. This pregnancy
is absolutely unexpected.

Now I'm extremely stressed: I don't know how to plan my next couple semesters. I
have to teach in spring and fall 2008 (which I'm most nervious about, because if
I disappear in the end of semester, what will happen to my students, they have
to pass exams etc), I also have to take classes (which I'm not too concerned
about though, I think I could deal with it). I also have to rotate in the labs
and find an advisor for my graduate research, so I don't think I could take
next semester off.

I know that there is something like a leave of absence, I'm not sure for how
long you can leave. My husband will be able to take a leave from his job for
May and June.

In my department apparently there are no students with children, maybe here
people had similar situations (especially students)? How did you deal with it?
Any advice or your experience would be so much appreciated!! I just keep
thinking about all these problems over and over and keep feeling guilty and

Thank you all so much in advance! Hope I'm not bothering you too much

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