[Parentsgroup-list] Infant/child CPR classes

Natalie Melzer nmelzer at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 23 21:07:11 EDT 2007

The wellness center at HUHS (second floor) offers an infant/child CPR once
every term, but this term's class actually took place today! I just attended
it this afternoon.

The next one will be offered sometime in the Spring I guess. It's $40 per

There are also infant/child CPR DVDs that you can rent, although I guess
there's something to be said for hands on practice with the dummies.





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My wife mentioned the other day that she'd like to take infant/child CPR,
and I remembered it was one of those things we'd been meaning 
to do for quite awhile but hadn't quite gotten around to. 

Does anyone have any recommendations about where to enroll for a class?
(Preferably in Cambridge). 


Noah Tucker

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