[Parentsgroup-list] thimerosal-free flu shot?

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Wed Oct 17 17:16:11 EDT 2007

Hi, =

My doctor said that the infant dosage is, supposedly, thimerosal-free. Anot=
her tip I read over the weekend is to be sure your doctor doesn't use Fluzo=
ne from a ten dose vial- it supposedly contains the most mercury concentrat=
ion. The brand's single doses are mercury-free, though. =

Our doctor is part of the practice of Epstein, Ballenger and Someone Else p=
ractice... they're nice- 617-547-8100, and they're located on Mt. Auburn in=
Jill =

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ist at lists.hcs.harvard.eduSubject: [Parentsgroup-list] thimerosal-free flu s=
hot?Does anyone know of a doctor or clinic that ordered and is distributing=
 thimerosal-free flu shots?Thanks.SaraSara SuchmanHGSE*********************=
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