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Would anybody like to comment on the current state of dependent healthcare =
and maternity/paternity leave for students in the natural sciences. There i=
s a meeting tomorrow at which I can present some concerns.

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Yes--open houses and tours for schools are starting now!!--there are lots t=
weekend, for instance.

If school is on your agenda for next year, you need to start the process.  =
application deadlines are in January, with financial aid deadlines soon aft=


Quoting Kara Swanson <kswanson at fas.harvard.edu>:

> Tis the season for open house at preschools.  Note that this open house
>  >I wanted to let people know of another great preschool just down the
>  >way in Cushing Square. I am not into blantant promotion but I thought
>  >it was good info to pass along. When we were looking we loved some
>  >Cambridge preschools but found many didn't offer a two day program.
>  >Great, great school, highly qualified teachers and excellent space.
>  >Belmont Coop offers 2 days, 3days and 4 days. Open house this
>  >Thursday the 18th 7pm, 421 Common Street; web: www.belmontcoop.com
> Kara
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