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Wed Oct 17 10:05:21 EDT 2007

Yes--open houses and tours for schools are starting now!!--there are lots this
weekend, for instance.

If school is on your agenda for next year, you need to start the process.  Many
application deadlines are in January, with financial aid deadlines soon after


Quoting Kara Swanson <kswanson at fas.harvard.edu>:

> Tis the season for open house at preschools.  Note that this open house
>  >I wanted to let people know of another great preschool just down the
>  >way in Cushing Square. I am not into blantant promotion but I thought
>  >it was good info to pass along. When we were looking we loved some
>  >Cambridge preschools but found many didn't offer a two day program.
>  >Great, great school, highly qualified teachers and excellent space.
>  >Belmont Coop offers 2 days, 3days and 4 days. Open house this
>  >Thursday the 18th 7pm, 421 Common Street; web: www.belmontcoop.com
> Kara
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