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Abigail, thanks for the reminder.  I highly recommend parent attendance at this


Several years ago I presented the facts about the high price of HUHS health
insurance for grad students with children there, and they seemed truly shocked
at what we were being asked to come up with out-of-pocket.  A few months later
the premiums were reduced (a little, but better than nothing...).

I'll never forget the row of HUHS managers sitting there open-mouthed when they
heard that people making $16,000 a year were being asked to come up with $5000+
for health insurance for kid and spouse.

As always, my feeling about so many grad student parent issues is that people
simply don't know we exist (in fairly decent numbers--there are 351 people on
this list, and we're estimating that 5-10% of Harvard grad students are
parents).  If you want something changed, you *have* to let the powers that be
know that we are here.  (Politely, but insistently.)

Another thing--since so many grad students with kids are just switching to
MassHealth, they might also be interested in that as well.  Will they just let
the state deal with the problem of unaffordable health insurance?  (like
Wal-Mart) Or is this something they might find embarassing?  So if you have
your kids/spouse on MassHealth now, you might want to go to this forum and tell
them why.


Quoting "Bracha, Abigail Land" <abigail_bracha at hms.harvard.edu>:

> I actually think that this is a serious defect in HUHS. Prenatal care can be
> from an outside provider, so there is clearly a method already established
> for external provider care. Many parents don't live in Cambridge. Most of the
> student at medical school and in public health do not live in Cambridge;
> coming to Cambridge every time a child is sick is a true inconvenience. Many
> students do not have a car as parking is an impossibility at Longwood, and it
> seems absurd to trek across the city to go to a pediatrician when students
> (at least at Longwood) are working practically across the street from
> Children's Hospital, and next to several pediatric practices.
> There is a forum with HUHS open to all graduate students Monday October 15th
> 5:6:30 in the Dudley House Graduate Student Lounge. Please come if you are
> interested, if you think this is an issue and that Harvard should allow for
> other/external pediatric care, please send an email so I can at least gauge
> if other parents think this is an issue.
> Thanks,
> Abby
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> 	My understanding is that visits outside HUHS are fairly limited.  HUHS is
> set up
> 	to be your primary care provider--you can see a specialist outside HUHS but
> not
> 	more than a few times, since they already have pediatrics, dermatology, etc.
> 	Anything you do with BCBS is "extra."  (like hospitalization)
> 	What you describe does sound possible, though!  but I didn't do that so
> cannot
> 	advise.  You do have to keep a primary care doc at HUHS.  Some of them also
> 	practice elsewhere, though! so it *might* actually be possible to see the
> same
> 	person in a different place.  (I think this is not the case with pediatrics,
> 	though?)
> 	--Christine, who switched her kid to MassHealth in order to avoid HUHS
> 	altogether...
> 	Quoting ludi mahadi <arliadi.mahadi at gmail.com>:
> 	> Hi all,
> 	> I am fairly new to this board and am very grateful with the amount of
> 	> help I found here.
> 	> Sorting through the old posts, it seems to me that  for those with
> 	> huhs/bcbs plan, the general consensus is, regarding selecting primary
> 	> care pediatrician, to go outside huhs when we could not find a good
> 	> match in huhs. In such case, would people then typically use up their
> 	> bcbs visits (e.g., 6 for the first year for newborn) then go to huhs
> 	> for subsequent visits if needed? Hence you still select a pcp from
> 	> huhs for a backup then?
> 	>
> 	> Ludi
> 	>
> 	>
> 	> On 10/3/07, William Marinell <wmarinell at verizon.net> wrote:
> 	> > Hi there,
> 	> >
> 	> > My husband and I looking for a part-time nanny to help with our newborn
> son
> 	> > from 8:00-1:00 Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The job would entail
> 	> > primarily caring for our newborn, as well as light housekeeping (e.g.
> 	> > folding laundry, washing dishes, etc.) when the baby is sleeping.
> Caregiver
> 	> > must have own car, be a non-smoker and preferably be first-aid
> certified.
> 	> >
> 	> > If anyone knows of any good candidates, I'd be grateful if you either
> 	> passed
> 	> > their contact info on to us or forwarded them this request.
> 	> >
> 	> > Many thanks,
> 	> > Amanda
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