[Parentsgroup-list] Free/cheap baby & kid stuff, via HYCCC

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 1 14:36:39 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'll be occasionally posting messages from other parents at the Harvard Yard
Child Care Center where my son is in preschool for free/cheap kid stuff.  Here
are a few.  --Christine

Free Snap N Go by BabyTrend

It's a stroller frame that you can snap an infant car seat into. We used it
off and on for about 6 months, but it's still in good working
condition. We found it very convenient for pushing around our infant.
Here's a description:

If you're interested, please contact Nicole at nesparza at rwj.harvard.edu


Cradle & diaper genie refill

From:  jsouweine at comcast.net

Our upstairs neighbors are moving and were going to throw out a lovely wooden
baby cradle (shocking I know).  If anyone wants it (for free), it's in my
basement and I am happy to bring it anywhere in the Harvard Square area.  I
also have an unopened refill for a diaper genie that they were also going to
chuck (we don't use one so don't need it); clearly I have a hard time with
throwing away perfectly good stuff!



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