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Susan McDonald susan_mcdonald at ksg07.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 29 09:08:04 EST 2007

Hi all,
In response to Emily's comments, I worked previously in the field of toxics
reduction. When I moved into my Cambridge apartment with my toddler, I
checked with one of the residential toxic specialists at my old agency. She
advised me, based on literature published in Washington State, that a
frequently/thoroughly cleaned home with little dust (and little disruption
of existing paint) was a reasonable choice. Obviously, a professionally
deleaded apartment would be preferable, but it's not clear to me that an
amateur job would be better and might be worse.  It may be wasteful, but I
clean the windows and floors with baby wipes rather than rags so I can throw
them away. Vacuuming frequently helps, but I don't empty the vacuum cleaner
when he is near as that is a concentrated dose of dust. I do get my son
tested every year and there has not been a problem so far.

I don't want to minimize the dangers of lead either. What concerns me most
here is that the burden of implementing and enforcing Massachusetts lead
regulations seems to fall on individual renters/parents. When you move to
Boston, is there a registry somewhere of affordable deleaded apartments?
And, how do we maintain standards for what is considered adequate deleading?
The regulation makes it seem like the state takes lead seriously, but that
does not really seem to be the case.
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