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Our house is not de-leaded either, and I'd been relying on testing any
little paint chips/scuffs (as well as toys) with the kind of lead test
kits sold at hardware stores.  However, the CPSC recently released a
report showing that many such home-use lead test kits are totally
unreliable, so I'm a bit stumped.  Last time I checked (this was in
Philly, not here) hiring a lead inspector for a private home was something
like $400.

The one thing that I've heard is that a major source of lead exposure due
to paint, if the paint isn't peeling, is from wooden windows-- raising and
lowering them creates paint dust from the friction between the window and
the frame.  So if your apartment has new windows you're in good shape--
and if not, you should wipe down (with a wet cloth or paper towel) all
surfaces near the window, including wet mopping the floor, frequently.

Sorry not to be more useful--

> My husband and infant son live in an apartment that is not de-leaded. I
> was wondering if anyone
> had knowledge of / experience with testing for lead in the home, the use
> value of a vacuum with a
> Hepa filter, or any steps that we should take.
> Thanks so much,
> Michelle
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 21:26:33 -0500
>   wenc at fas.harvard.edu wrote:
>> Hi all--a professor is looking for a Korean speaker to be a babysitter
>> for his
>> daughter.
>> --Christine
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>>    Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 20:43:33 -0500
>>    From: Hunter Gehlbach <Hunter_Gehlbach at gse.harvard.edu>
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>> My name is Hunter Gehlbach.  I'm an assistant professor here at the
>> School of Education.  My wife and I are looking to find a little bit
>> of child care starting next semester for 1 (or possibly 2) days per
>> week and have a strong preference to find a Korean speaker so that
>> our daughter can begin to learn the language.
>> Our daughter, Kaya, will be 7 months old in January when we would
>> need this person to start.  Our home is in Arlington and is easily
>> accessible by the #77 bus.
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