[Parentsgroup-list] are you currently a part-time science grad student/postdoc?

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Fri Nov 9 23:18:34 EST 2007

Hi all--this is a note from the head of the work-life office, Nancy Costykian,
sent to me to post to the list.  The woman in charge of career services is
looking for part-time scientists (if they exist) to interview for an article on
how this affects their professional lives.  Please see below.  --Christine

Laura Malisheshki's email is malishes at fas.harvard.edu.


Laura Malisheski is writing an article about the
professional impact of  part-time/job-share arrangements for grad students
and post docs in the natural sciences. It occurs to me that the listserve
might be a good way to put out an invitation for anyone who is actually
doing something along these lines to talk to Laura about the experience,
both good and bad.

We both suspect that there are not a lot of grad students
who are able to be part-timers while doing lab work, but there may be
unanticipated part-time situations when, due to pregnancy, childbirth,
adoption, or elder care challenges, the grad student must take a leave of
absence or reduce their hours.

I frankly don't know to what extent this is
happening--if it is happening at all. Would you be willing to post something
about this? I'd very much like to help Laura, who is very committed to
exploring a host of work/life issues affecting young scholars. Feel free to
respond to me or to her--whichever feels best to you.

Many thanks~

Nancy Costikyan, MSW, LICSW
Office of Work/Life Resources
Harvard University
1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 635
Cambridge, MA  02138
T: 617.495.4351
F: 617.495.4124

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