[Parentsgroup-list] ear infections and antibiotics

Miriam Shakow shakow at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 6 09:24:26 EST 2007

Breast milk is widely reputed to have similar magical properties. (Sorry 
to send multiple postings!)

On 11/5/07 11:17 PM, Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye wrote:
> This may be totally witch doctory -- I haven't tried it myself -- but 
> my friend Laura had a thirteen month old boy who had a really severe 
> ear infection that wasn't clearing up, and the only thing that worked 
> after whatever the doctor had prescribed had failed (the doctor 
> eventually said, Well, it's not really getting better, so we'll have 
> to put tubes in his ears) was ONION JUICE (you crush an onion and put 
> a few drops of the juice in the ear) and according to Laura, it 
> cleared right up.  Has anyone heard of this remedy for ear infections 
> before?
> Melissa
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