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A friend just forwarded this email to me. It seems like they have a pretty
good system in place to deal with the kids and the kiddy diploma. And in
contrast to what some people have expressed, it appears that the child(ren)
and their guardian do not require tickets since they'll be stationed not in
the Sanders Theater but at elsewhere. 

Eunju Chung


On 5/15/07, Karen Lounsbury <lounsb at fas.harvard.edu > wrote: 

We are awarding "baby diplomas" to children at the GSAS award ceremony in
Sanders Theater. 
The child(ren) must be accompanied by an adult. They will not need a ticket,
as they will not be in the hall to see the ceremony. 
The accompanying adult should bring the child(ren) to Sanders Theater and
ask for Karen or Sheila. We will direct them to the "Green room" where they
are required to wait with the child)ren.
Your name will be announced in the green room shortly before your department
is called. At this time the accompanying adult and child(ren) will be
escorted to the hall. The child(ren) will be handed to you (the student)
before crossing the stage and must be handed back to the adult after the
diploma is awarded. 
You are asked to stay for the remaining ceremony. 
We will need:
Your name:
Your Department:
Number of children: 
the child(ren)"s name:
Name of adult:
Congratulations and best wishes, 
Karen and Sheila
GSAS Staff

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This seems to have been covered already, but thought I'd send along the info
from Garth McCavana (GSAS dean).  Kids can 'graduate' with parents, but--

'because space in Sanders is so limited, the child usually
has to wait out in the Transept area of Memorial Hall until the parent is
to walk across the stage. We have staff who oversee this area and make sure
the child is there at the same time as the parent. And yes, there is what we
call the "baby diploma".'

HTH, Christine

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