[Parentsgroup-list] Graduation tickets?

Yuson Jung yusonjung at hotmail.com
Wed May 9 21:31:26 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I too second Sara's dilemma - I would really like to have my three-year old=
 daughter be in the Sanders along with my parents. If anyone knows of peopl=
e who have a spare ticket, please let me know.

Best regards,

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 Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 11:28:47 -0400> > Dear Evan,> I'm sorry I can't help=
. I'm in the same position. If anyone has spare, I'd> be very grateful. I t=
hink it's such a shame that I'm getting my PhD and> only allowed to invite =
two people. How does one choose between their> parents, husband, and childr=
en at a time like this?> For those of you not graduating this year, I encou=
rage you to ask this> question of someone who might be able to do something=
 about this. > Best,> Sara> > > -----Original Message-----> From: parentsgr=
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