[Parentsgroup-list] looking for a place for their family members for the commencement?

Nyima Tsekyi liu6 at fas.harvard.edu
Tue May 8 17:19:34 EDT 2007

Hi,dear all~

I'm writing to see if anybody might be looking for a place for their family
members for the commencement period. I'll be away from May 25th for my field
trip. The room will be available from May 25th till June 30th. I guess it will
be just suitable for family members to stay. 

It's a nice and quiet bigger one bed room in a 3brs apartment at Peabody
terrace, just along the charles river. My roommates are one nice and quiet
havard grad and another young professional. They spend most of their time in the
lab or working. The house is very quiet.

I'm paying $820 for my room, because it's bigger than the other two, but I'm
very willing to take what you would like to offer for your stay here,Otherwise,
I'm going to donnate this room to the homeless.I'm serious.

By the way, parents who are coming for the commencement are especially welcome,
my room is fully furnished with a double bed.(wish my parents will come to

See the attached pics and please feel free to call me at 857 928 6387.
sorry if I had disturbed you. I'm not a mom yet, but was added to this
interesing group. I enjoyed and learned lots of interesting discussions going on

5 peabody terrace 
Cambridge,MA 02138

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