[Parentsgroup-list] Tips for traveling with an infant?

Joy Geren geren at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 28 11:32:00 EDT 2007

Technically you are not allowed to use anything that fastens the baby to
your body during take off or landing. This includes Baby Bjorns. I agree
that a sling or carrier is the way to travel but you should be warned that
they can make you take it off on the plane. I have personally dealt with
this in two ways. The first is to wear a wrap (like this:
http://www.didymos.de/english/index_e.htm) which is less obvious than the
structured carriers. They probably assumed it was a blanket since they never
bothered me about it. The alternative is to use a sling which can be easily
slipped off and on over your head without disturbing the baby. This allows
you to take it off for take off and landing if they give you a hard
time. Especially when they are sleeping it is much easier to have them in a

My other suggestion is to travel a lot in the first year. Once they can walk
traveling becomes a whole new adventure. We still fly to the West Coast but
now I think I should have appreciated more how easy it was to travel,
especially in the first six months. Of course the lack of sleep in the first
six months made everything seem much, much harder :)

Good luck!

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Joy Geren, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Laboratory for Developmental Studies
Department of Psychology
Harvard University
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