[Parentsgroup-list] Tips for traveling with an infant?

kim at farmschool.org kim at farmschool.org
Wed Jun 27 19:53:28 EDT 2007

Both of our babies, ages 1 and 3, loved being carried in "wrap style"
carriers. We had the Hug-a-bub and I literally 
don't know what I would have done without it.  Security always made us take
them out of the sling to go through the 
metal detector but then I tucked them back in and paced until they fell
asleep.  I was lucky in that they didn't wake 
up when i sat down on the plane.  This type of carrier also  would keep
them safe in the case of severe turbulence. 
the portable baby website has a good wrap also.  really, i couldn't say
enough good things about this.  i don't know 
about everyone else but I find strollers to be a bit cumbersome.  Good luck.
kim bryant

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