[Parentsgroup-list] Tips for traveling with an infant?

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Dear All,

I have a quick side note to Malcolm's point that airlines don't require =

documentation of age for under-2 travelers. It won't apply to an =

8-week-old, of course, but airlines do require proof they have any =

reason for doubt. I turned up for a flight with my 22-month-old and =

they wouldn't let us on the plane, citing FAA regulations (which may =

have been a scare tactic). I guess it's fair enough that they can't =

tell the difference between a 23-month-old and a 25-month-old - they =

certainly didn't give me the benefit of the doubt and I had to get my =

pediatrician to fax confirmation before they would let me through =

(since I didn't happen to be carrying her birth cert.). Just a thought =

for anyone who may be deliberately planning a trip just before a child =

hits the magic age...


On Jun 27, 2007, at 2:03 PM, Malcolm_Williams at ksg.harvard.edu wrote:

> Hi Judith,
> =A0
> My wife Susan and I have 2 kids, 3 years and 1 year.=A0 Because Susan's =

> family is in California and mine is in Pennsylvania, our kids have =

> taken many long flights and car rides.=A0 We have never had to buy a =

> ticket for them before they turned 2 (by the way the airlines don't =

> require documentation of age).=A0 This is largely because of cost, but I =

> never felt like we needed the extra seat.=A0
> =A0
> You may bring your car seat through security to the gate and ask if =

> you have an extra seat next to you.=A0 If there is one you can use your =

> car seat on the plane (the car seat goes in the window seat).=A0 If not, =

> they will check it for you at the gate--you'll also pick it up at the =

> gate when you land.=A0 The airlines have been very good about finding us =

> an entire row if one is available, so make sure to ask.
> =A0
> When we don't get to use the car seat the kids have sat in our laps.=A0 =

> On these occasions we use our baby bjorn.=A0 They've always been good =

> about napping in this for us, even on planes.=A0 I haven't seen masks =

> for kids, but when they get excited/fussy/overtired we walk the aisle =

> of the plane to help soothe them to sleep.=A0 If they start looking at =

> the other passengers we'll cover their heads loosely with an=A0extra=A0te=
e =

> shirt or blanket to block out the sights.=A0 Night flights are generally =

> dark anyway which is helpful.=A0 If you use a baby bjorn, it will be =

> helpful to have it on the plane regardless of whether you get the =

> extra seat.
> =A0
> Their ears can hurt during take off and landing so we feed them during =

> these times.=A0
> =A0
> We've never had a problem with stollers and car seats counting against =

> the number of carry-ons/checkins when we take them all the way to the =

> gate.
> =A0
> When we fly west we usually take a late evening flight.=A0 They tend to =

> stay up later than they would at home and it's easier to get them to =

> sleep through the night on the first night which helps with jet lag.=A0 =

> On the way back we take a morning flight and then put them to bed =

> right when we get home.
> =A0
> Driving is usually pretty easy, and we do stop to feed, but this is =

> usually just a couple of times a trip.=A0 We also found that it is =

> easier for them to sleep in the car if they are alone in the =

> backseat.=A0
> =A0
> Good luck!
> =A0
> I hope things are well with you.
> =A0
> Malcolm
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>> Dear wise ones,
>> =A0
>> My husband and I will be taking our 8-week old on a weekend trip to =

>> visit ailing relatives in rural Oklahoma.=A0 Getting there requires two =

>> 2.5 hour flights and a 2 hour car ride.=A0 We are a little nervous =

>> since up till now the longest trip she's taken is a 10 minute car =

>> ride.=A0 We would love any advice people might have on how to make =

>> things more bearable.=A0 Among other things, I'm wondering:
>> =A0
>> 1. We are planning to carry the infant "in arms" on the plane.=A0 Is =

>> this a terrible idea (ie how hard should we try to purchase an extra =

>> seat if possible)?=A0
>> 2. If the baby doesn't use the car seat on the plane, do we have to =

>> check it before security or will they let us take it through and =

>> check the seat/stroller at the gate?
>> 3. Does the car seat/stroller/diaper bag=A0count against the number of =

>> items we can take through security?=A0
>> 4.=A0Would you recommend also carrying a bottle for feeding during the =

>> car ride, or do you just pull over frequently?
>> 5. Our baby gets overstimulated easily and so I'm a little worried =

>> about the extended time in the airport/plane (especially since much =

>> of it will be in the very late evening/early morning when she would =

>> usually be sleeping).=A0 Any suggestions on how to how to help her shut =

>> out all the lights/noise?=A0 Do they make those little eye covers in =

>> baby sizes?
>> 6. Any other general advice or warnings about what we should expect?
>> =A0
>> Many thanks,
>> Judy
>> =A0
>> =A0
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