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I'm sure you'll have a few takes on this but here are my answers (having flown to Oregon with 4 little boys a few times):

1.  Don't get an extra seat.  If there are two adults get your two seats in the same row but with the middle seat in between.  You may get lucky and no one will take the middle and at worst the person in the middle will gladly trade with you for an aisle or window.

2.  The car seat will be checked with other luggage but the stroller you can check at the gate.

3.  The car seat counts as luggage, the diaper bag counts as a personal item (carry on) but the stroller doesn't count as anything.

The others I don't have good answers for.

In general travelling with babies that young really should not be too bad...in my experience 8 weeks is young enough to sleep in almost any environment.

One thing I would prepare for is ear pain during ascent/descent.  Babies often have difficulty with altitude changes.  The simplest solution we've found is to nurse (or drink a bottle I presume) during takeoff/landing.  

Good luck.


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