[Parentsgroup-list] Vacating HRES apartment at 29 Garden Street

Catherine R. Pakaluk pakaluk at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 22 11:00:40 EDT 2007

Dear Fellow Harvard Parents,

On July 14th we are vacating our 29 Garden Street 3-bedroom apartment.  We have
lived here with 4 small kids and have been very happy.  The building is
beautiful and modern.  The apartments are well designed and very comfortable. 
The kitchen is great.  And there is a terrific gated courtyard in which our
kids ride bikes and play for many hours.  You can watch the courtyard from the
living room.  There is also a washer/dryer hookup in the apartment and... the
unit has AC.  Finally, there is elevator access so you can get up to the
apartment without taking kids out of strollers.  Harvard does not designate the
building as "family" living b/c there is no on-site daycare.  But if you use a
nanny or a sitter this building is ideal --- the location is fabulous (just one
block from the Cambridge common playground) and so much closer to Harvard Yard
departments than either Botanics or Peabody Terrace.  Seriously it has been
fabulous for us -- my office is in Littauer and it is 7 minutes door to door
for me, on foot.

I don't know what the procedure is for switching from one HRES unit to another,
but I've heard it can be done.  I just wanted to let everyone know that this
unit will be available.  (There are only 7 3-bedroom units here, they don't
open up very often, and ours is the only one with elevator access.)  I hope I
don't create a stampede..... feel free to write me with questions.


P.S.  There is parking in a garage underneath for an extra fee.  Base rent is

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