[Parentsgroup-list] Will seminar

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 13 14:46:49 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I spoke with the lawyer today and they would love to do this with us.  Obviously
it's very important when you have minor children.

So: If you are interested in making your will and getting a living will, durable
power of attorney, and health care proxy done, please email me by next
Wednesday, June 20.  Please reply to this email or make sure you have "Will
seminar" in the subject heading.

There will be 3 parts.  One will be a seminar with everyone present, where the
lawyer will tell you about the process and where he can answer any general
questions.  Lasts 1 hour.

Part 2 will be individual meetings with him to go over the process.  Each
meeting = 15 minutes or so.

Part 3 will be the signing. = 15 minutes.

The cost is $250 for one person and $400 for a couple.  If you need to change
anything later, the cost is $200.  The prices are going up in September! so
this is a good time to do it.

As soon as I know how many people want to do this, I will reserve rooms.  I
would like have Part 1, the seminar, during the last week of June, then the 1st
week of July for Part 2, and the 2nd week of July for the signing (Part 3).

If you can't come on these dates, we can do this again in September when
everyone comes back. (though it may cost $500 for two people then)


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