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Tue Jun 12 09:47:06 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I just did my will, a living will, & health care proxy with a group that works
with Harvard employees.  The cost for all 3 of these for me and my
almost-ex-spouse was $400 (for one person it is $250), and I found the people
involved to be very helpful & experienced.  (I might have been able to get it
done cheaper elsewhere, or just done it myself, but given our situation I
wanted to have expert help.)

If there is interest on this list, I can see if these folks would be willing to
do this with the parents' group.  They do an information seminar and then work
with everyone for a week or two on getting everything in order, then you sign. 
I expect if we had at least a dozen people it would be possible.

So--please let me know if you are interested, and I will get in touch with them!

--Christine W.

Quoting Anna Shusterman <anna.shusterman at gmail.com>:

> A good friend of mine with a long-standing private practice near
> Porter/Davis Squares does wills. His name is Chauncey Wood and he can
> be reached at (617) 776-1851. He has young children and he knows the
> issues that need to be addressed for parents.
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