[Parentsgroup-list] De-leaded apartment available (again)

orourke at fas.harvard.edu orourke at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 6 06:31:59 EDT 2007

Dear all,

A while back Anna Shusterman emailed this list to inform all of you that her
2-bedroom, de-leaded apartment would be up for the taking come this September. 
I contacted the landlord, looked at the place, and quickly decided to take it. 
But just last week I was offered a position as a Freshman Proctor so my husband
and I have had to cancel our arrangements with the landlord.  As a favor to him,
I promised to send an email to the grad student/parent list to advertise the
apartment again.  The apartment has a great location (about 10 min. walk from
campus), a fenced-in back yard, washer, drier and storage space in the
basement, and the landlord is the most professional landlord I've ever
encountered.  If you are interested, here is his contact information:

Dominic Pang
Ph: 617.538.1127
Email: dpang at panglaw.com

Best wishes,

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