[Parentsgroup-list] Central Square Family Daycare opening

Ann Ishimaru Ann_Ishimaru at gse.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 5 22:46:10 EDT 2007

Hi all -

As you may know, quality infant daycare in the Cambridge area is at a 
real premium, and we've been doing some major searching for our 
13-month-old lately.  We found a family home daycare that we really 
liked and wanted to send our daughter to, but it's a bit far from where 
we live given my summer schedule, so I wanted to let you all know about 
the immediate openings and put a plug in for Mama Bear Day Care since we 
can't use the spot ourselves.

Kimberlee Gonsalves runs it from her apartment in Central Square in 
Cambridge (less than 5 min from the T) which is small but really nicely 
arranged with cubbies for the kids, lots of toys and books, and a couple 
of different spaces for playing.  She currently has 2 sweet toddlers and 
her own 8 month old but one of the toddlers will be moving soon - she is 
certified for up to 6, but she prefers to keep it to 4 kids, so the 
ratio is really small and cozy.  She's been doing the daycare for the 
last 4 years and was a preschool teacher before that.  I checked out a 
number of home daycares and this was the one that really stood out for 
the way the kids just loved Kim - her caring, warmth, calm, and gentle 
firmness created a really nice environment.  She was also flexible in 
terms of days and hours (ie full time/part time, etc.), which was a big 
plus as well.

Kim's email is: kim_gon at mac.com and her phone number is 617-945-0414.

Hope someone can take advantage of the opening!
(Mom of Mika, 13 months)
Doctoral student

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