[Parentsgroup-list] MA health care resources

Sascha Russel russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 5 14:40:03 EDT 2007

I took a great Birthing class with a Liz Hammond, a Bradley instructor- and
she is having difficulty finding a suitable place to teach the next class
(available and not too expensive/free).  Does anyone have any leads for her?
Harvard affiliated or not? I think she was planning to start the next class
in the fall- so you could also contact her if you are interested in her
 Her email is
Elizabeth Hammond <valkirisong at yahoo.com> or contact me Sascha Russel
<russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu> and I'll let her know.
Thanks for your help,
Sascha Russel
PhD candidate in Lab of Dr. Gary Ruvkun
Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Molecular Biology
Richard B. Simches Research Building
7th floor, Room 7700, Bay P3
185 Cambridge Street, CPZN-7250
Boston, MA  02114-2790
fax: 617.643.3050
phone: 617.643.3320


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