[Parentsgroup-list] NYT article in Sunday magazine: "Family-leave values"

wenc at fas.harvard.edu wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Jul 28 13:13:40 EDT 2007

It's online today, if you haven't seen it yet--about lawsuits generated when
people are not allowed to take time off to care for their families.  Also
includes more on the study I mentioned some time ago.  --Christine

www.nytimes.com; click on Sunday Magazine

"Mothers were consistently viewed as less competent and less committed and were
held to higher performance and punctuality standards. They were 79 percent less
likely to be hired and, if hired, would be offered a starting salary $11,000
lower than nonmothers. Fathers, by contrast, were offered the highest salaries
of all. Meanwhile, in the test run with real-world employers, the hypothetical
female applicants without children were more than twice as likely as equally
qualified mothers to be called back for interviews. Correll’s findings echo a
discovery made by the psychologist Amy Cuddy. Cuddy asked volunteers to
evaluate four imaginary professionals: a childless female, a childless male, a
mother and a father. All these professionals had identical experience and
educational backgrounds. Yet the mothers were given the lowest competency
ratings, by both male and female evaluators, and were least likely to be
recommended for hiring and promotions."

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