[Parentsgroup-list] Fwd: Temporary home needed for Clove the Cat

Miriam Shakow shakow at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 25 16:40:57 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,
If you miss having a kitty but are only in Cambridge for a year or two, 
or want to see if your child can be responsible enough for a permanent 
pet, here is a cat fostering opportunity.

I don't know Clive's owner personally--his email was passed on by a 
mutual friend.


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From: Aaron Woolsey < awoolsey at gmail.com>
Date: Jul 20, 2007 11:13 AM
Subject: Looking for a temporary home for Clove

Hello, sorry about the mass mailing...

 I am in a dire situation with my dear cat, Clove. Clove is a 9-year  
 tri-color who has known me since before she could even open her  
eyes as a kitten. I
 love her dearly, but I am moving to Botswana for 11 months, and it is
 clear to me that it would be too troubling for her to bring her  
with me
 on a 24 hour series of flights to Africa for a short 11 month stay. My
 parents, who had agreed to take on Clove, have had second thoughts  
 that they have a cat and a dog, both of which enjoy outdoor life in
 Vermont while Clove has never been outside her whole life.  
 I don't have much time to find a temporary, safe, welcoming home for
 Clove as I am leaving August 23rd. I want to collect Clove when I  
 to the U.S., so am looking for a good cat person to take care of  
her for
 what is a pretty long period of almost one year. I am not sure how  
 works, having never done it before, and am willing to pay for the
 expenses. Clove is spayed, and has all her shots and has had up-to- 
 physicals and care through Brookline Animal Hospital her whole life.

 Anyone have some ideas on what to do, or people who might be  
 in foster care for Clove? I am open to all suggestions.

 Thanks for all your help.

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