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Tue Jul 24 12:53:19 EDT 2007

Hi Julianna,

Congratulations!  There is a very useful Jamaica Plain child care co-op yahoo
list, through which I found 2 great arrangements.  (I live in Roslindale.  I
love parent-organized child care co-ops.)  There is also a JP Moms yahoo list
too I think, which I hear is very active.

I think you go to

to sign up for the co-op list.  Just do a search for the other one.

Craigslist might work too--I found a nanny share once that way.

Once baby is 18 months old, you might also be interested in:

where I had an excellent experience.

Good luck!

Quoting Julianna Kershen <julianna.kershen at gmail.com>:

> Hello, this is my first posting.  We recently welcomed our first child,
> Lucy,  (2 weeks old!) and are already planning childcare.  I am an EdD
> student at the Ed School.  I am getting listed on the Harvard affliates
> sites.  However, I am wondering if anyone can help me think about other,
> more flexible options --  I won't need childcare until the spring semester
> (late January 08) and will only need care 3 days a week -- probably not long
> days.
> Do you have insights about other group settings, nannies?
> I would be interested in joining a nanny share as well.
> We live in Jamaica Plain.
> Thanks to everyone for your advice. Julianna Kershen
> julianna.kershen at gmail.com

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