[Parentsgroup-list] FYI on flying with breastmilk

Amanda Alvine amueller at math.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 23 16:09:41 EDT 2007

Just passing this along, in case it helps anyone....

> The Transportation Safety Administration has just announced a change
> in its regulation regarding traveling on aircraft with pumped
> breastmilk. For the TSA press release see:
> http://www.tsa.gov/press/releases/2007/press_release_07202007.shtm
> Under this new policy, breastmilk will be treated the same way as
> medication, which must be declared separately but may be carried on-
> board in unlimited quantities and in no special packaging. Under the
> old TSA rule, pumped breastmilk had to be packaged in 3 oz containers
> all of which had to fit into one 12 oz ziplock bag.
> To be safe, women should be sure to print and carry the new policy
> with them. The new policy as of today appears only in a TSA press
> release and the rest of the TSA web site reflects the old policy,
> which is sure to cause confusion.

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