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Sat Jul 21 17:26:09 EDT 2007

Hi Phil,

One thing to keep in mind is that when you actually go into labor, in most
places you get whoever is on call.  So you don't always get to actually pick
the midwife who catches the baby.


Quoting Philip Davis Loring <ploring at fas.harvard.edu>:

> Hello parents and parents-to-be,
> This is my first post to the list, so I wanted to start by saying thanks
> to all of you who have shared your experiences in past months. You've
> made entering this whole new world of pregnancy-at-Harvard a great deal
> less bewildering. I'd like to extend a special thanks to Christine Wenc
> and Kara Swanson, the two resident superwomen in my department, who have
> done so much to establish and nourish this invaluable resource. I'm
> proud to call them friends and colleagues.
> A quick introduction: I'm ABD in GSAS, in the department of the history
> of science. My wife Dawn is in her ninth week; the baby, our first, is
> due mid-February. Dawn's a modern dancer and choreographer and has been
> putting me through grad school for the past 5 years with various day
> jobs; most recently she's been teaching dance as an adjunct professor at
> two colleges in the Boston area. The adjunct jobs don't offer benefits,
> so she's on my HUHS/BCBS plan. (We're thinking seriously about switching
> to Commonwealth Care, but we're also wary of switching plans at such a
> critical moment. Last thing we need is more stress.) We live in Haskins
> Hall, a Harvard-owned apartment building near the Design School.
> When the time comes, we're aiming to make use of both a midwife and an
> anesthesiologist. After gathering opinions from various quarters,
> including the list, and visiting both Mt. Auburn Hospital and Cambridge
> Hospital, we've chosen the latter. Both places felt excellent, and
> Cambridge Hospital offers free doula care.
> My question: Does anyone have any experience (good, bad, indifferent)
> with the midwives at Cambridge Hospital? Is there one we should demand,
> or avoid? The one we met last week, Laurie Ososky, was fine, but we
> didn't really seem to click, or else she just took a really long time to
> warm up to us. The way it works at Cambridge Hospital, you stay with one
> midwife throughout all your prenatal visits, so we'd like to choose well.
> Thanks in advance --
> Phil Loring

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