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Hi Liz-

The Cambridge YMCA offers baby "swim" classes in their pool and I believe
that if you get membership you can use their pool with your baby at other
times too.  They do require that the baby wears a swim diaper and that
you're with your baby at all times, of course.  The YMCA pool is indoors and
heated.  You can find their website at http://www.cambridgeymca.org .

Also, there is a public outdoor pool (Goldstar Mother's pool) off of
Cambridge Street in East Cambridge.  It is only open during the summer and
not heated.  There is no age restriction there but once again they just ask
that you use a swim diaper.

Hope this helps and good luck with your move!


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Dear community,

my name is Liz and I'm incoming GSAS student for the fall 2007 (from
I'm coming with my 8-month old baby Andrey and I have a question. Maybe you
could help me? I would really appreciate.

Is there anything like baby swimming classes or pools where babies under 1
are allowed? In Russia our doctor prescribed Andrey swimming because of some
orthopoedic problems. I know that not many pools accept that small age, and
were going to the pool at our hospital here (which is specially designed for
babies 0+).

Is there anything similar in Cambridge/Boston area that you are aware of? I
searching on the web but I didn't find much.


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