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Sebastian James sebastian_james at ksg.harvard.edu
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Hi Rini

Did you try Harvard Housing, especially Peabody Terrace because there is
a pre-school within the apartment complex (PTCC)? Are the pre-school
spots already taken, because they go very fast?

If you are going to work backwards starting from the daycare, you could
try Harvard Yard Daycare or Oxford Street Day Care Center and look for
housing (Harvard Housing and private housing) in that area, Kirkland
St., Divinity Ave, etc. though the Subway would be a good 15 minutes
walk. But, there are good Bus Routes from that area too.

Good luck on your search.

Sebastian S. James
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Harvard University
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This is from an incoming student.  Feel free to post any advice to the
list so that everybody can benefit from the collective wisdom!


from Rini Kaushik <rinikaushik at yahoo.com>

I will be joining Harvard in Fall for a Ph.D. in Computer Science.  I am
concerned right now
and need some advice from fellow parents.

Here's my situation;
I have a 3 year old son.  My husband will not be moving to Boston with
me and
will be in Boston
only on the weekends.  I will be single-parenting most of the time.  My
(can't drive and
not in a good shape) will stay with me.  I was hoping to find an
close to my son's
preschool so that my mother can drop/pick up my son on foot.  I also
wanted the
apartment/condo to
be close to a public transportation route as I am not comfortable
driving in the
snow (coming from
California).  However, I spent more than week in Boston last week and
find anything that
matches my criterion.  Most of the preschools are already full and the
ones that
are open are not
close to apartments.

How are you all managing?  Where do you stay and where do your kids go
for day
care?  I will
really appreciate pointers and any out-of-the-box ideas.



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