[Parentsgroup-list] Dependent Care Fund

Deborah Freedman Woods dwoods at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 10 12:49:48 EDT 2007

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but anyone who
has to travel should look into this new Harvard program to
help with travel-related child care expenses.  The program,
which just started last year, is mainly geared toward
assistant profs but is also open to grad students.  I put
in an application last week and it was approved within 3
days, despite my missing the June 1st deadline.  The
administrator, Fiona Chin, was very helpful in moving my
application along.  The website is:

Here's a short description of the program.

Dependent Care Fund

The Dependent Care Fund for Short-term Professional Travel
(DCF) is intended to provide financial assistance to
scholars who would like to travel for a professional event
that will advance their academic careers, and who also have
child care or adult dependent care obligations. DCF grants
are awarded to defray the incremental costs due to added
care giving needs incurred as a result of traveling for
career purposes. Such costs may include those associated
with transporting a dependent and/or a caregiver to a
conference location or research site, extra dependent care
at home while the recipient is traveling, or on-site care at
a meeting.

For example: An assistant professor has children who
ordinarily attend day-care. The assistant professor plans to
attend a 2-day conference in Chicago in order to present the
results of his research. Because the conference requires
overnight travel, the assistant professor must bring his
children with him. Conference organizers have arranged for
on-site day-care while scholars make their presentations.

In this case, the assistant professor could apply to the
Dependent Care Fund to cover the airfare for his children as
well as the cost of the on-site day-care at the conference.

Another example: The situation is the same, except that the
children are ordinarily cared for by a live-out nanny who
comes to their home in Somerville. The conference organizers
have not made arrangements for on-site care, so the
assistant professor plans to bring along the nanny to take
care of his children while he attends the conference. The
daily cost for the nanny ordinarily amounts to approximately
$200/day, but given that the conference requires care away
from home, the cost for the nanny may increase to $250/day.
The assistant professor could apply to the DCF to cover the
airfare for his children and the nanny, and he could also
request funds for the extra $50/day for the nanny to provide
off-site care.

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