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Tue Jul 3 21:50:14 EDT 2007

Dear Emilie,


Silly question, but have you tried the Harvard Real Estate office?  They rent
Harvard-affiliated housing (which does not allow pets) but they also have
listings for privately-owned apartments.

To search the datebase, go to

which is a link from


Also try Craigslist.com, for Boston.

One of the reasons you may be having problems is that in Massachussetts it is
illegal to rent to anyone with a child under 6 years old unless the apartment
is deleaded.  If the place is not certified deleaded, most landlords will not
even show you the apartment once they find out you have a small child.  (You
can sue them if your child is lead-poisoned while you live in the apartment.) 
The combination of a pet and a baby can really limit your options.

So--make sure you are searching for "deleaded" apartments.  They cost more,

Good luck!

Quoting émilie cappella <emilie.cappella at aliceadsl.fr>:

> Hi all,
> My husband is a new HBS student. We're moving this summer from France with
> our baby and our cat. I thought it would be easy to search for an apartment
> from abroad, but it turns out to be very difficult. Is there anyone who could
> advise us ? Realtors always say that they will call back or send us pictures,
> but they don't. Maybe you know some beautiful 2 br near HBS, deleaded and ok
> with cat ?
> Some temporary housing for August would also be a solution. If anyone knows
> of anything...
> Thanks, and sorry for my english... I will improve it soon !
> Emilie

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