[Parentsgroup-list] Very useful carseat installer checker

Sascha Russel russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 20 16:51:48 EST 2007

I got an appointment for the week after I called (appointment on Wednesday
only).  Jonathan was very helpful- he showed us how to tighten our new
convertible car seat much tighter than we had had our infant car seat (in
retrospect we should have gotten it checked out b/c we obviously did NOT
have it installed that well- it was in the wrong position in the car and was
too loose-yickes).  It is no longer at 775 albany, but is at 2 Theodore
Glynn Way, Roxbury MA 02118-  right off of Mass ave. in the boston EMS
garage (where they keep ambulances) if the garage door is closed, knock and
ask for Jonathan Otero who is a certified car seat checker.

His number is 
617 534 5197
Or  617 534 2635

2 Theodore Glynn Way, Roxbury MA 02118
Boston Public Health Commission
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