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You can call 617-349-3328 to take an appointment with a police officer to m=
ake it installed correctly.
Happy holidays !
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  i think i remember hearing about a harvard university officer who would h=
elp with carseat installation. does anyone know anything about this?

  i ask because my infant carseat base is quite moveable. the front part is=
n't secured at all (not even sure how it would be) so it moves up and down =
freely. there's some side-to-side movement. i had it installed by a technic=
ian, so i assumed this was how it was supposed to be but lately have heard =
parents talking about the car seat being snug and not moving at all. trying=
 to figure out what's up and would like someone more knowledgeable than I t=
o take another look at it.

  Sara Suchman

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