[Parentsgroup-list] carseat installation

SPSUCH at aol.com SPSUCH at aol.com
Thu Dec 20 03:25:44 EST 2007

i think i remember hearing about a harvard university officer who would help 
with carseat installation. does anyone know anything about this?

i ask because my infant carseat base is quite moveable. the front part isn't 
secured at all (not even sure how it would be) so it moves up and down freely. 
there's some side-to-side movement. i had it installed by a technician, so i 
assumed this was how it was supposed to be but lately have heard parents 
talking about the car seat being snug and not moving at all. trying to figure out 
what's up and would like someone more knowledgeable than I to take another look 
at it.

Sara Suchman

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