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I just wanted to also let everyone know about this service: http://thetrave=
lingbabyco.com/ - they rent baby equipment in a few areas -it comes sanitiz=
ed and it's delivered the day before you arrive to your destination, so tha=
t everything is ready to go. i've never used them, but i know friends who h=
ave, and they were very happy with them. there are other companies, too, th=
at rent equipment- just do a google search. =

Joy, they do not allow luggage carts through security, and i think the best=
 thing would be to check in the seats and strollers at check-in, and if you=
 need a stroller, buy one of those super-cheap, collapsible umbrella stroll=
ers for your 2.5. i've also see those car seats on wheels, which may be ano=
ther great option for you, in the continental magazine, and in the lillian =
vernon catalog. =

Good luck! =

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Congratulations! I took my son cross country on a plane by myself when he w=
as 2 months old and he has never been so easy to travel with since (he's 2.=
5 yrs). The things that worked for me: using a sling or a wrap instead of a=
 stroller (also gives you a place for baby to sleep/emergency diaper change=
s), nursing exclusively, having him sleep in my bed and letting others help=
 me with everything but the baby at security and getting on and off the pla=
ne (much easier if you aren't alone). Things I would have done differently:=
 bring lots of extra clothes for baby on the plane (my son quickly went thr=
ough both spare outfits I brought with diaper messes); bring plenty of clot=
h diapers or your burp clothes of choice for clean ups; and bring a spare s=
hirt for yourself if you can. (Can you tell we both arrived pretty messy?) =


Probably the most important thing to bring is a sense of humor. I was a lit=
tle nervous about flying and found myself changing a very messy diaper on a=
 toilet seat (no changing table, no floor space in galley) when surprise tu=
rbulence came up and the fasten seat belt sign went on. At the time I was n=
ot happy about scooping up the pile of unsorted messy laundry and my baby i=
n just a diaper and running for my seat, but looking back it is actually pr=
etty funny. Remember newborn screams aren't really that loud, they get loud=
er as they age, and if you manage to get enough sleep before leaving you ar=
e more likely to laugh than cry when craziness hits. Good luck! =



PS I will also be traveling at the end of June with my baby (due early May =
as well) and my 2.5 year old. I'll be alone again and was wondering if anyo=
ne has tips for getting two kids, two car seats, and sufficient carry on fo=
r an all day flight to the plane. I figure I can survive the rest of the tr=
ip one way or another but haven't figured this part out. Are luggage carts =
allowed through security?  We don't have an infant or double stroller and d=
on't intend to get one.    =

On Dec 17, 2007 12:57 PM, Maryann Shenoda <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
Dear all,My husband and I are expecting in early May.  We have an opportuni=
tyto go to Budapest with the baby in late June and we were wondering if it =
is advisable to travel with such a young infant.  We'll be stayingin Budape=
st for two weeks.  What might traveling with an infantentail (shots, medici=
ne, what to take with us, tips for the airplane,etc.)?  This is our first c=
hild, so any suggestions would be muchappreciated.  Thanks.peace,Maryann___=
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