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When we flied to Boston from Paris this summer, Timon was 9 months old and =
I was afraid that he would cry for 8 hours. Actually, he nursed almost all =
the time and never cried. At the airport, he was so tired and "drunk" with =
milk that he never stopped laughing until we took the taxi. It was a funny =
experience for him. I'm quite sure that your baby will not suffer at take o=
ff and touchdown if he's sucking, so don't worry about it !
another thing : when you arrive at the boarding, talk to someone in order t=
o be among the first people to get their seat, and ask for a hammock (I don=
't know exactly the name), to let the baby sleep, they bind it in front of =
you but you need a seat on first row - you can ask one when you check in.

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  Congratulations! I took my son cross country on a plane by myself when he=
 was 2 months old and he has never been so easy to travel with since (he's =
2.5 yrs). The things that worked for me: using a sling or a wrap instead of=
 a stroller (also gives you a place for baby to sleep/emergency diaper chan=
ges), nursing exclusively, having him sleep in my bed and letting others he=
lp me with everything but the baby at security and getting on and off the p=
lane (much easier if you aren't alone). Things I would have done differentl=
y: bring lots of extra clothes for baby on the plane (my son quickly went t=
hrough both spare outfits I brought with diaper messes); bring plenty of cl=
oth diapers or your burp clothes of choice for clean ups; and bring a spare=
 shirt for yourself if you can. (Can you tell we both arrived pretty messy?=
) =

  Probably the most important thing to bring is a sense of humor. I was a l=
ittle nervous about flying and found myself changing a very messy diaper on=
 a toilet seat (no changing table, no floor space in galley) when surprise =
turbulence came up and the fasten seat belt sign went on. At the time I was=
 not happy about scooping up the pile of unsorted messy laundry and my baby=
 in just a diaper and running for my seat, but looking back it is actually =
pretty funny. Remember newborn screams aren't really that loud, they get lo=
uder as they age, and if you manage to get enough sleep before leaving you =
are more likely to laugh than cry when craziness hits. Good luck! =


  PS I will also be traveling at the end of June with my baby (due early Ma=
y as well) and my 2.5 year old. I'll be alone again and was wondering if an=
yone has tips for getting two kids, two car seats, and sufficient carry on =
for an all day flight to the plane. I figure I can survive the rest of the =
trip one way or another but haven't figured this part out. Are luggage cart=
s allowed through security?  We don't have an infant or double stroller and=
 don't intend to get one.    =

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    Dear all,
    My husband and I are expecting in early May.  We have an opportunity
    to go to Budapest with the baby in late June and we were wondering if =

    it is advisable to travel with such a young infant.  We'll be staying
    in Budapest for two weeks.  What might traveling with an infant
    entail (shots, medicine, what to take with us, tips for the airplane,
    etc.)?  This is our first child, so any suggestions would be much
    appreciated.  Thanks.
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